Update from Julian Hobbs!

I wanted to write to you to highlight some of the really good work being done at the Kings Fund, and also to draw your attention to some of the work taking place nationally around staff well-being which forms part of the Dudley people plan. Within this there is a clear understanding and recognition that the bricks and mortar of the buildings in which we work are not really the hospital.

The expertise and values sit within our clinical staff. Our responsibility is to develop and support this resource as far as we possibly can. The pressures on the NHS at the current time are enormous and every time I hear on the television or radio that we don’t know how much more we can ask of the NHS staff or NHS in its entirety, they respond heroically to whatever new crisis or emergency arises exceeding all expectation.

It was a pleasure to go along to the presentation of cohort 8 who form part of the leadership cohort, their passion and enthusiasm was admirable. Our reflection as staff and leaders in the organisation is that we are we ready to receive their energy in terms of improving the experience for patients.









There are also on-going staff engagement events across the organisation, the aim is that we become clinically led with a workforce at all levels able to influence and shape the delivery of service. We have seen some evidence of recovery in terms of our medical engagement score which has improved over 40% in the last 12 months reflecting the great deal of work which has been done by the Divisional Chiefs and CD’s although further work needs to be done.

There are examples of the negative effect of these pressures and close links relating to the practitioners health advisory service. For those of us who find we require practical and confidential advice regarding mental health issues that arise either as a result of or in combination with pressures at work or home. There is also provision within our organisation to have these conversations via occupational health and helplines.

I’ve attached the presentation Professor Tom Bourne gave and he has been kind enough to agree to come and speak with us. Rates of burnout amongst clinical staff are significant and I’m aware that much of the teambuilding work, nurturing and the positive learning that we are trying to imbed within the organisation will help in some ways. I’ve highlighted the need to raise awareness around support for staff to enable them to cope with the pressures that are experienced on a day to day basis.

My door is always open and we have an in house mentoring scheme, I’m happy to see anyone who feels that they require further support.